Technical Products

ITALGRAF is a European leader in the production of combined adhesives and speciality materials. We have facilities for every type of application and process.

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Promotional and POP

We design and implement promotional products and solutions for retailers who are always looking for creative technical innovations.

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Research and Development

We have always had a pronounced and continuous focus on the research and development of new materials and new solutions.

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Logo-sedexITALGRAF is a member of Sedex. Sedex is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing guidelines for compliance with ethical business practices and responsible in global supply chains. Sedex is the largest platform for international collaboration in the innovative and efficient sharing of data about the reliability and seriousness of suppliers. Sedex helps reduce the risk in the choice of suppliers, improve brand reputation and improve global supply chain practices.
ITALGRAF, like all companies that operate in compliance with human principles and values, has its own code of ethics. Italgraf, in carrying out its activities, respects the laws and regulations in all the countries where it operates.
ITALGRAF also acts in accordance with the principles of human freedom and dignity and respect for diversity. It rejects all forms of discrimination based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions or religious and political beliefs.

Reasons for choosing us

  • Maximum speed and flexibility in fulfilling customer requirements.
  • Constant attention to the research and development of new exclusive solutions.
  • Systems and processes for technologically advanced solutions.
  • Availability of patents for the promotional and interior decoration sectors.
  • Possibility to develop products and solutions that are specific to each client.

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