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When ITALGRAF was founded in 1978, its main activity was cutting out and selling products for printing clothing labels.

At the beginning, the resin and adhesive coating processes were carried out by external suppliers, usually with long processing times. Then, with the buying of our first coating machine and the first laminating plant, the core business of the company found its true role.

The company has a vertical structure for the production of the items in its catalogue. It has the in-house technical ability to prepare siliconized cards and films, compound adhesives, coatings resins and multilayer laminates to meet the needs of customers in a short time.

We serve a wide variety of product sectors: promotional, POP, footwear, clothing, DIY, automotive, printing, advertising, construction, paper, sample distribution.

As the company grew, ITALGRAF invested heavily in research and development, while diversifying its product types and increasing the range of its facilities. In this way, we developed sector-specific patents, such as Magnestick for the promotional sector (European Patent No.° EP 2438127) or Wallstick for the interior decoration sector (European Patent No.° EP 2.594.4.I0).

By leveraging this know-how, we can also introduce innovations in the construction of new production facilities…

Our Mission

ITALGRAF’s mission is to use a strong synergy between research, production and marketing to go from the raw materials to the creation of unique and strongly competitive proposition.