Project Description

Kristallstick for bedroom decoration

Light and transparent!

Sticks to and unsticks from all surfaces, without ever leaving a mark. It re-activates with water!

KristallStick is a technologically revolutionary new material, entirely Made in Italy.

  • KristallStick can be printed in both offset and screen printing and shaped in any form.
  • KristallStick is easily applied to any smooth surface thanks to a special resinthat is protected by a transparent siliconized film. If, after removal, this special resin does notstick anymore, because it is dirty with dust or anything else,   simply wash it with water to re-activate it back immediately.
  • KristallStick is made with recyclable materials (PET).
  • KristallStick is perfectly transparent, allowing one to superimpose various layers.
  • KristallStick leaves no mark on the surface after removal.

KristallStick is a Patented Product