Role of the Promotional & POP Division

The Promotional & POP Division deals with the graphic design and production of gadgets and promotional solutions for the Point of Sale. Both the gadgets and the point of sale promotional solutions are made by using the wide range of technical products provided by Italgraf.

With patents on some products made exclusively by Italgraf (Magnestick,  Kristallstick® e Floorstick) the Promotional & POP Division is able to offer customers innovative solutions for the creation of gadgets that leave ample room for creativity and, in the case of companies interested in communications within the store, the creation of products that are effective in attracting and channelling customer attention.

The experience and expertise of those involved in the Promotional & POP Division   is available to provide any information about the available solutions and to provide expert advice about the communication solution that is most suitable for the purpose. Thanks to the graphics and creative staff on which they rely, the Promotional & POP Division is able to provide customers with a complete service, starting from the idea and going all the way to the finished product.


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