Great attention to research

ITALGRAF has always been focused on research aimed at the study and development of new solutions in the field of adhesives, resins, and other special materials.

Thanks to this activity, carried out in-house by highly qualified technicians, ITALGRAF has succeeded in developing several patents in recent years whose use ranges from promotional products industry (Magnestick) to products in the field of interior decoration (Wallstick). Our “Research and Development” department is constantly available to our customers for the identification and study of solutions that are more suited to their functional and promotional needs.

Patent No. EP 2.438.127

Repositionable adhesive system.

Patent No. EP 2.438.127

Based on the use of polyurethane type resins.

Patent No. EP 2.594.4.10

Printable support for transferable decorations

Patent No. EP 2.594.4.10

Usable in the field of decoration.

A dynamic, innovation-oriented company


  • Study on an innovative material composed of thermoplastic polymeric films, called TRIPLEX, for the printing of advertising signs.
  • Adhesive scented hair remover for pets. The product is used directly on the pet. In addition to removing loose hair, it shines the remaining hair while releasing aromas and antibacterial agents, thus sanitizing theanimal.


  • Research on creating an innovative repositionable adhesive system, based on using a polyurethane resin (PU) (PATENT).
  • Humidity resistant attic insulation from non-woven fabric, called Absortech.


  • Creation of an adhesive substrate with innovative characteristic of high adhesion on uneven surfaces, called:
    • GIALE for the advertising business;
    • MURALES for the interior decoration field (PATENT).
  • Development of a technical product for thermal/acoustic insulation in various sectors, including the automotive and construction sectors.


  • An anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive film called Void that leaves no trace when transferred.
  • Development of the ‘Murales’ product, to transfer images onto walls.


  • A Stick/Unstick product, a development of the previous project, an adhesive that can be repositioned an infinite number of times without losing effectiveness (PATENT).


  • Anti-slip material for digital and offset printing used in advertising/promotional material for footpaths, streets, shopping centres, and sports events.


    • ADHESIVES  FOR STICK UNSTICK  ( PROMOTIONAL DIVISION )                                                                               These adhesives can be used more than one time thanks to a specific polyurethane resin.
    • TRACEABLE DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVES                                                                                                                           Development of new adhesives containing metallic materials able to be detected automatically, by the inspection machines such as metal detector
    • PHOTOLUMINESCENT  THERMOADHESIVE / SELF-ADHESIVE                                                                                    This product, applied on fabric or paper, lights up in the dark.
    • TRIPLEX PAPER – ALUMINUM – PAPER                                                                                                                                It regards the development of support of A4 size, which can be printed with standard printers. They can protect data available in microchip, creating a shielding.


Development of new types of double-sided adhesives and technical materials based on new materials and formulations

  • New insulate dieletric tape

Our goal was to include in our product range a product not yet available, to be used to insulate transformers, in the cables of engines, to coat cables, conductors, condensers, membrane switches and in all electrical devices requiring :

  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • High thermal resistance
  • New papers to be used for linerless creasing (embossed or not)

Our R&D developed a self-adhesive paper for perfect  binding  of copybooks, books, notes books and checkbooks.

  • Double-sided adhesive linerless

The objective of this experimental activity has been  to develop  an adhesive product to be considered as alternative to standard double-sided adhesives.

Its main quality is to be linerless (so you don’t need to remove the liner after applying the product)   and it is  mostly used on walls, in order to capture fine dust and other volatile materials ( as for example in paint booths).


  • Project 1
    Activities in favor of new technical and technological solutions for the innovation of the company’s technical proposal:
    New fireproof cardboard – for the realization of carnival masks and incendiary stars
    New  grey anti-slip TNT (liquid-resistant, walkable and removable material) for boat covering
    New barriered anti-slip TNT – (liquid-resistant, walkable and removable material) to be used in the building sector
    New indoor anti-slip polyester  taffeta – inexpensive, suitable for any type of printing, to be used in the advertising industry
  • Project 2
    Project aimed at defining, developing and verifying technical and technological solutions for process performance improvement


Development of 4 new products:

N. 1 Double-sided adhesive for joints Paper

Highly adhesive, solventless product with fast cross-linking, characterized by high adhesive performance to ensure a minimum use of adhesive, and consequently reduce waste and related residue removal operations.
Product developed for the paper/papermaking/printing sector.

N. 2 Duplex darkened for promotional billboards double use

Multilayer laminated.
It speeds up the production of advertising boards, makes the panel ready / reusable with the second image ready for use, but obscured by a black pigmented sticker.
Product for the advertising sector.

N. 3 Transfers

After positioning the figure on a paper, with a ballpoint pen writing by pressing on the image we will have the transfer.
The project is considered as innovative for the sector for the development of a process based on rotary printing, similar products exist on the market, but are made using silk-screen printing process at higher prices.
Product for the promotional sector.

N. 4 Anti-bubble embossing for window stickers

If you take a transparent adhesive film and want to apply it on a window, you will see a large number of anti-aesthetic air bubbles.
To overcome this problem, a special embossing method has been studied to be implemented during printing stages of the window stickers to create imperceptible channels through which the excess air can flow out during the laying phase.
Window stickers made in siliconized and embossed PET.
Product for the promotional/advertising sector.


Project 1 – Study and experimentation activities in favour of an innovative low-relief holographic engraving system on Aluminium

It is a matter of creating an engraving system able to produce holographic images on aluminium foil by engraving in low-relief.

This project was born to combat counterfeiting in the food sector (but it is also aimed at other sectors) and represents a worldwide innovation, in fact no similar solutions are known, the existing solutions involve the creation of holographic images by printing (on aluminium or on plastic film).

The project is developed with a partner company, Italgraf will take care of its industrialization and will market the product exclusively on the Italian and European market, the partner will cover the rest of the world.

Project 2 – Development of new technological solutions for the realization of 2 innovative products/processes of the proposal to the market

  • New ways of impregnating TNT with laundry detergent

Washing detergent is made available in a new version in the form of a non-woven fabric rag, for a more practical and ecological use by the consumer.

A modified coating system is used to impregnate the non-woven fabric on one side only with a laundry detergent in an established and reproducible dosage.

  • New combination of materials to obtain a seal of guarantee

We are developing a multilayer laminate with aluminium, polypropylene film and thick paper that can be die-cut, thermally bonded and separated by mechanical action, suitable for the creation of a sealing system to be applied to bottle caps that acts both as a guarantee seal and as a gasket.


Study and experimentation activities in favour of new product configurations

  1. Replacement of solvent-based products by products with a solvent-free base of another nature to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • New solventless dielectric tape – tape used as an insulator for electrical discharges
  • New Non-slip walkable fabric – Semi-rigid, high roughness, printable fabric used as an anti-slip advertising material.

The results achieved: regarding the dielectric tape, to completely eliminate the risks associated with emissions and static electricity, while also significantly reducing the cost of the release agent, and concerning the fabric, to only emit fumes containing water vapour into the atmosphere and to have obtained certification of a higher anti-slip class (R11).

  1. Mito Mask – PPE Mask

We have developed and produced a reusable, low-cost, functional and comfortable to wear personal protection mask, made of 98% recyclable products, with a hypoallergenic and washable medical PVC frame and interchangeable small-size non-woven filters.

Our mask has been certified by the Ministry of Health as a type IIR medical device and the trademark has been filed pending for patent registration.

A configuration for children has also been defined, which can be customised with additional kits to give a cat, dog, etc. appearance.


Design of a compostable paper for trays, cups and straws

Development of a treated paper (made impermeable to liquids, including blood and fat), compostable (to be disposed of in wet waste) and recyclable (in the paper chain), intended for food packaging: trays, cups and straws.


Design of a valve-effect sticker

Production of a printable, die-cut and adhesive label that can replace the air release valves on packages (e.g. coffee bags), thus being able to facilitate the escape of air and prevent it from entering.


Study of new printable and washable gadgets for the clothing sector

Fabric sticker (cotton or polyester), adhesive (non-permanent) to be placed on clothes, bags or anything else. What’s new about our product is that it is thermo-adhesive at the same time. Simply heat the sticker with an iron or hot plate and it will remain permanently attached.