Project Description

Magnestick on a reel

The nonmagnetic Magnet!
Sticks to and unsticks from all surfaces, without ever leaving a mark. It re-activates with water!

  • Magnestick ® is similar to a normal magnet but with the great advantage of not havingferrite and to sticking, thanks to a special resin, both to ferrous materials and to any other surface.
  • Magnestick ® is printable in offset and silk-screen and you candie-cut it into any shape.
  • Magnestick ® adheres, thanks to the coating with a special resin, to any surface such as, for example, wood, glass, plastic laminates etc., without leaving a mark after removal.
  • If the special resin, after the removal,does not   join any more because it isdirty with dust, grease or anything else,   simply wash it with water to re-activate it immediately.
  • Magnestick ® is made using completely recyclable materials (PET-PP)
  • Magnestick ® is non-toxic and certified under the EN71 standard

Magnestick ®  is a patented product